Month: December 2014

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On gift giving

In case you haven’t yet noticed: TIME IS FLYING! Next week we’re celebrating Christmas already and a week later we’ll be shedding tears for another year has passed and we still hurt. I know I will. On previous blogs I’ve already spent numerous words on possible gifts for your favorite people. I quote myself: ‘For […]

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Mineral salt as a deodorant

Sweating is a completely natural process, but why-oh-why does it have to be so wet and stinky in some areas? Well, there’s many sweat glands over there! For some reason or another. Anyways, I do know that the widely advertised chemical perfumed deodorants don’t appeal to me, for multiple reasons. The most important being that I […]

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My Dream

The world can be completely overwhelming. There are so many things going on. My mind gets blurry trying to deepen this thought. What kind of things are happening at this very moment? All kinds, most likely. The world is a big guy – or gal, or what you prefer. There’s happy things, there’s sad things. […]

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