Month: March 2018

Express and expand yourself through clothing

Express and expand yourself through clothing

Which colours we like to wear may say more about us than we realise. Colours can either hide or reveal parts of us: White is the combination of all colours and it allows all energy or light to shine through. When we wear white, we allow ourselves to shine and others to see us. In turn, when we wear black, we hide our energy, we keep it in, we stay small and invisible.

This has to do with the colours that are associated with the seven chakras; the colours we choose to wear may resonate with certain chakras and thereby enhance their brightness.

I find this fascinating, mostly because these processes generally occur unconsciously. I am naturally drawn to the colour emerald and now I wonder what that says about my energy. How does my aura look? Does this colour bring balance to me? Or does it mostly emphasize what’s already abundant and therefore mostly sustain my current ‘pattern’?

One can use this kind of knowledge to grow. Wearing and surrounding yourself with the colours of chakras that can use a boost can contribute to these chakras becoming more balanced. I suspect that this mostly works when a chakra is under-expressed or has too little energy, not the other way around, but I am not sure. (Check other sources if you wish, like this article.)

I decided to play with it! I will choose more bright colours for clothing in the near future; brighter than the usual black, grey and navy. I do like wearing colours, but I hardly ever wear white clothes, for example. That is mostly so because white fabric tends to be very see-through, which I perceive as difficult. However, if white can help me shine brighter, I may learn to manage the issue!

But there is more to clothing – I think clothing has many tricks. For example, people can also prefer to wear neon colours so to distract others from the darker stuff that actually occurs behind the bright curtains. One can dress professional so to hide their insecurities about being not qualified enough.

Becoming conscious about these processes in us can help us learn about ourselves and grow. We can learn to see our patterns and overcome the underlying insecurities! We can heal ourselves and expand. If we wish and dare to go there, of course.

Maybe you don’t feel like using clothing for these purposes. That is totally fine. I am personally very interested in developing myself and I see possibilities for growth in everything. All difficulties we encounter are possibilities to grow! Every time we confront our inner problems we heal and grow and become more whole. We become more happy and peaceful. So, if you like clothes and dislike other clothes, be welcome to join me in this.

The main question here is this: Do you dress a certain way to hide your discomfort from yourself and others? (more…)

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