Welcome to Munching on a Dream! Here I document my exploration of being a human in this world. This blog is my experiment and playground where I love to come back to when I feel the inspiration to share.

My name is Nina de Haan and I live in the Netherlands. My main interests are personal development, spirituality and sustainability in its broadest sense. These are very big and broad themes, but seen through my lens they are all connected.

To create a world in which we can live sustainably, we not only need to look around us, but also inside ourselves. I firmly belief that ultimately true sustainability requires inner peace, full acceptance of who we are. If we don’t have inner peace, our decision-making will be impacted by our inner turmoil, as has been going on for ages. So now we get to integrate the parts of ourselves we find difficult to accept, as part of a process of personal growth, and this will help us do better in the world!

Why the name? – you may ask. Well, the name Munching on a Dream came to me in a hunch when I wanted to start this blog. I liked it and by now it has stuck for 6+ years. For me the Dream represents having a vision for a better world, while Munching represents both the simple act of chewing food as a part of our daily and earthly lives (and veganism!), as well as being considerate and contemplating important ideas and integrating them. To me the name Munching on a Dream represents being conscious of the world we are creating through our very actions.