Welcome to Munching on a Dream! Here I document my exploration of being a human in this world. This blog is my experiment and playground where I love to come back to when I feel the inspiration.

My name is Nina de Haan and I live in the Netherlands. My main interests are personal development, spirituality and sustainability in its broadest sense. These are very big and broad topics, but seen through my lens they all come together very nicely, in various ways.

My educational background is in biology and environmental sciences. First I chose biology because nothing could be more beautiful and fascinating than nature, with all its living organisms that miraculously came to existence and have managed to adapt to their ever-changing environment ever since. Now I want to treasure those living beings and take care of them. This is why I shifted my focus to our shared environment and actually to systems thinking, in which everything is connected.

On the first version of this blog I loved sharing inspiration for eating local and seasonal veggies. Here my aim was to show that vegan food knows a great variety, that cooking vegan is not complicated and that the food looks ans tastes delicious. In addition, eating this way is probably the most easy and fun way to have a positive impact in the world – or to decrease your negative impact at least.

My interests in personal development and/or spiritual growth is also fueled by the realisation that true sustainability requires inner peace. The outer world reflects our inner worlds, and vice-versa. Working with our inner worlds will impact our environment. On this blog I regularly share my thoughts on related topics. I do this because writing helps me to create clarity, but also because I believe in sharing, in learning together and in community.

Why the name? – you may ask. Well, the name Munching on a Dream came to me in a hunch. I had been wanting to start a new, more serious blog for some time but did not decide on a name yet, when this one popped up. I liked it and by now it has stuck for 5+ years. For me the Dream represents having a vision for a better world, while Munching represents both the simple act of chewing food as a part of our daily and earthly lives, as well as being considerate and thoughtful and contemplating important ideas. To me the name Munching on a Dream represents being conscious of how we create our world through our every actions.