Beautiful period panties

The idea of period-proof panties already intrigued me: they’re literally panties that can hold menstrual blood without all the possible negative effects. But now these panties in the new and first colour scarlet make me go wild!

Period panties are a product of THINX. And they are revolutionary! Okay, until now I used mine only twice and I am still getting used to it, but I hear positive reviews from friends. Plus: I am positive because mine fits like a charm, so I’m pretty convinced that my blood won’t run past it. (The latter happens with my moving panty liners, sadly.) So I feel safe wearing them! Also, the fabric, organic cotton, is firm (but soft!) so I do not expect it to loosen quickly over time. So durable they are!

So now I adore the beautiful one in the picture. I love my black bikini panties, but the pictured one has such a lovely colour! Much like my menstrual cup in Wild Cherry – they would make a great match. They could work together or alternate, you know. I think generally I am being drawn to this colour that symbolises femininity. (Oh, how come?)

THINX now has nine different panties available, which can hold different amounts of blood. They are also expanding with new products and I am very curious to see how and what they develop!

This post sounds a lot like advertisement. To justify and finish up: if period panties can replace one-time-use tampons and pads, if they last long, can save other panties from being spoiled by blood leakage and are comfortable and beautiful as well: that would be a huge win for the environment and human well-being! Both female and male well-being, I am certain. (See also my post on menstrual cups.)

Besides, I totally support THINX’ aim of breaking the period taboo. That’s much needed. And it’s why I write about period-related stuff every now and then. Gotta love our bodies and our flows!

Do you like ’em?

I’m also slightly obsessed with this top in nude. Different hue but similar vibe!






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