Canola Corn Bread

This fluffy yellow ‘canola corn bread’ may as well be called a cake, but then there would have been too many Cs.

To make it, I used a corn bread recipe from one of the many cookbooks named ‘cooking vegan’ (Veganistisch koken by Parragon Books LTD). The main ingredient is corn flour, the others are white wheat flour, canola oil, lots of soy milk, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, baking powder and some salt. The recipe is pretty similar to this one of The Post Punk Kitchen.


The canola oil contributes its distinct taste and I’m still undecided to whether I like it. (I don’t know whether corn bread always has canola oil, but in The Netherlands the oil isn’t commonly used.) So it tasted a bit sweet-ish from the corn and maple syrup and canola-ish from the canola. The structure was really soft and fluffy! Maybe I put too much baking powder, but I felt like finishing the package… So it was a perfect cake, except it wasn’t so sweet like most cakes. It combined quite nicely with a garlic rosemary plant-based butter: this made it a bit less dry and more interesting. So I’d recommend to make sure there’s something next to it to spice it up a little! (I brought it to a putluck dinner, so didn’t compose a whole meal with it myself.)

Next time I may try a sweeter version. I’m also interested in making one that’s gluten-free, so even more people can enjoy it. It should be possible. It would also be cool to put herbs like rosemary or lavender in it.  Yes yes, there’s potential in the corn bread.

The Cs reminded me of the song Prayer in C by Lilly Wood and The Prick, remixed by Robin Schulz. That one’s pretty nice.






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