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  • Stories of clothes and ourselves – a wardrobe update

    Earlier I shared with you my enthusiasm for the capsule wardrobe: a simplistic method that, when applied correctly, would free you from all wardrobe misery. I set out to play with it, and I already wrote some thoughts about my experiences. Here are a few more of those thoughts & experiences. A few months ago…

  • Express and expand yourself through clothing

    Which colors we like to wear may say more about us than we realize. Colors can either hide or reveal parts of us: White is the combination of all colors and it allows all energy or light to shine through. When we wear white, we allow ourselves to shine and others to see us. In…

  • Capsule wardrobe + me

    Capsule wardrobe + me

    My approach to clothing is changing! I started to use the principles of the capsule wardrobe. Many bloggers have gone before me, but now is my time to join in. Simply put, I want pretty, sustainable and ethically made clothes; I want to be happy with my clothes; I want to buy less miss-buys (that…

  • Beautiful period panties

    Beautiful period panties

    The idea of period-proof panties already intrigued me: they’re literally panties that can hold menstrual blood without all the possible negative effects. But now these panties in the new and first colour scarlet make me go wild! Period panties are a product of THINX. And they are revolutionary! Okay, until now I used mine only…

  • No Boil egg

    No Boil egg

    Thai people boil chicken eggs in hot springs. I don’t boil no egg, but would you please allow me to boil my mooncup? Mooncup?

  • Barbie’s got Curves

    In the absence of interesting personal experiences, I’ll just write about Barbie’s. The iconic doll Barbie not only got a large array of accessories, careers, relationships, style, she has also been critiqued widely for her ‘far from average’ body negatively influencing body image and for over all distorting the world view of the little children…

  • Befriend your Body

    Befriend your Body

    This is important. In the middle of the destructive messages ingrained in our (Western) cultures we need to be true to ourselves and learn how to love. 🙂 I found this image without a source. Earlier I wrote about body positivity here.

  • The advantages of wearing soft bras

    The advantages of wearing soft bras

    Earlier I already wrote about body image and self-love and how clothing can play a role in connecting to yourself and others. I believe that if we could value our appearances as less important, we would be able to connect more deeply with ourselves and one another. In this earlier post I mentioned simple clothing,…

  • Clothing reconsidered

    Clothing reconsidered

    In my post Love your Body I introduced the topic of body positivity. I wrote something about how I think getting used to being naked or else in simple clothing will be good for your body image and self-love. I then did not specify simple clothing which makes it a very vague statement, but I…

  • Love your Body

    Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about both physical and mental health and taking good care of yourself. One thing that bothers me tremendously is the beauty industry, for they want you to believe you’re ugly, so you’ll buy their products. This quote I heard in a video summing up advices on how to live…