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  • Coco cacao cubes a.k.a. vegan chocolate fudge recipe

    Coco cacao cubes a.k.a. vegan chocolate fudge recipe

    These are the best chocolates I have ever made. Now that doesn’t have to mean much, but there’s more: I brought them to a pot-luck dinner and about everybody asked for the recipe. Ha! Even the other vegan present was amazed. However, he’s a special case: he hardly eats any processed foods (go him!) and…

  • No Egg Cakes

    No Egg Cakes

    Egg cakes or ‘eierkoeken’ are typical Dutch treats. They look and taste more or less like these pretty babies here. But these ones don’t contain egg! How does that work? Well, they contain black salt or kala namak, which gives it the egg-like taste! How cool? It appears to have a high sulphur content, which…

  • The Spiral Vegetable Pie

    The Spiral Vegetable Pie

    Look at this magnificent creature. You may refer to it as Spiral Vegetable Tart and Veggie Roulade. I prefer Super Awesome Psychedelic Spiral Rose Vegetable Pie. That is a perfectly accurate description. I created it and since then I’ve spent my time openly bragging about it. It got me 50+ likes – which only encourages…