Coco cacao cubes a.k.a. vegan chocolate fudge recipe

These are the best chocolates I have ever made. Now that doesn’t have to mean much, but there’s more: I brought them to a pot-luck dinner and about everybody asked for the recipe. Ha! Even the other vegan present was amazed. However, he’s a special case: he hardly eats any processed foods (go him!) and he didn’t realize such a thing as vegan chocolate existed. I find it hard to believe the last part is true, but yes I remember him saying that! At least now you know, my friend. I hope it makes you happier.

So what are these delicious ‘coco cacao cubes’?! I hope you like the name I came up with; it’s as simple as the recipe. Here follows.

Recipe for ‘coco cacao cubes’, or: vegan coconut chocolate fudge


  • 500 g dark chocolate
  • 75 g coconut oil
  • 400 g condensed coconut milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract/aroma
  • shredded coconut


Prepare a baking tin by oiling up the sides (of 20 by 20 cm).
Put the chocolate in pieces in a pan together with the coconut oil and condensed milk.
Heat the ingredients on low heat and stir until the ingredients form a smooth mixture. Don’t let it boil.
Take the pan from the fire and stir in the vanilla extract/aroma. Whisk for a few minutes until the mixture thickens. Pour into baking tin and smoothen the top with a spatula or other instrument.
Garnish the top with shredded coconut. Put the tin in fridge for the chocolate to stiffen.
Take the chocolate out of the tin and cut into cubes.

The result


And then you get super sweetly melting chocolates!

I used virgin coconut oil and then the chocolates will surely taste pretty coconutty! Which is awesome. I can imagine they’ll taste a bit more neutral if you use refined coconut oil, but the difference should be very small since the condensed coconut milk does a great job.

I adapted a non-vegan recipe to this one by just substituting the ingredients. This recipe makes a huge batch, so I actually recommend making half. I copied both the steps and the amounts from the original recipe, without adapting. If you find a better version: I would love to know to please tell!

(The original recipe didn’t have any coconut ingredients so also no nice-looking [white, snowy] topping. WIN! I am very proud.)






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  1. kathybruton2 Avatar

    I’m swooning over these…and they’re gluten free!!

  2. Anna Daftari Avatar

    Those look so juicy <3 I'M in love thisi s so good !! Love, Anna xx

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