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Hello lovelies,

I want to write about some recent personal experiences surrounding the possible enrolment in an online ‘personal/spiritual development’ program. It was the first time that I seriously considered participating in such an e-course. I had encountered ‘similar’ programs before, but due to the high investments of money and time I never saw it as an option. This time when I found this program it felt more plausible for me to join. In the end I decided against joining the program. I would like to share why, because I harvested various valuable lessons here.

It’s a lengthy post, but you can follow the headings and ‘side-notes’ if you prefer.


Several identified things contributed to my enthusiasm about this program. First, I like and trust the person that organizes it. I have been reading her newsletters and watched her videos and I trust her judgement concerning which information is valuable to receive and in which way, etcetera.

Next, I would appreciate some consistency in my like. This program would last for a long time period and I think that it would be nice to have long-term guidance. A lot will happen for me in the following year, including the influential event of finishing my studies and all that comes after. So, I could use some extra consistency there. Through this program someone or multiple people could help me to have a vision for the future, so that I don’t end up dangling in this black hole of nothingness.

This program would help me to actually DO it. I’m pretty chaotic and I find it difficult to organize my time and so to effectively take time for certain things, including time for myself. I tend to be pretty flexible and ‘loose’ in my planning, due to which I often end up doing not so much. So I could use some extra motivation to better prioritize and organize my activities. I think this program would help me, because of the high investments, the support in various forms, the continuity of the lessons, and the perceived ‘pressure’ of keeping up.


There are so many possibilities to connect locally, in person.

One of the bigger selling points of the program is the online sisterhood through which participants support each other. Everyone follows the same program, so everyone is like-minded and understanding. This sisterhood is mostly organized as a Facebook group. As you understand from this blog, I highly value the possibilities of the internet and of using it for connecting with others and for personal growth. However, in my case: I feel that there are so many possibilities regarding connecting with people locally and I highly prefer connecting in person then joining an online group. I understand that this can be different for different people in different surroundings, but for me I suspect that the added value is actually quite low. Additionally, because the program was US-based, most of the participants are likely to live in the US, which may contribute to me feeling distanced from them, because I am living in Europe.

There are so many lessons available all the time.

And actually I feel that there are so many lessons available for me all the time. It takes effort, willpower and courage to harvest them, but I think that I can do it in my own way. The program will probably help me identifying some lessons sooner, but it is certainly not the only way. For example, I started to loosely use the 13 Moon Calendar and there is so much wisdom in that. I think that incorporating this wisdom would mean a lot for a person. So I may as well focus on that instead of ‘doing multiple things’ at the same time.

I may as well use the same amount of money for other activities that contribute to my personal development.

Also, the financial investment was quite large. Although personal growth is of enormous value, this does not mean that investing in such a course is the best option. Me considering joining the program made me realize this: apparently I was willing to make such a large financial investment – without knowing the exact details or outcomes. This means that if I do not join, this amount of money would remain available for me to use for personal development investments, because it had become available in my perception. Do you follow? If I could potentially spend it on this personal development program, I can also not do that and instead spend it on other personal development investments! Perhaps on multiple smaller investments, that would potentially serve me better in this time.

I may as well use the time for ‘to me valuable’ activities – offline.

Additionally, the time that it would take to attend the program, mainly the online training videos and such, suddenly got available for other important things. Of course the amount of time I will have did not change, but my perception thereof altered slightly. If I think I can spend time on this program, alternatively I can spend this time on anything else. This may not make much sense, but it does a little! I may as well take up a hobby or other regular activity that helps me to relax, to be mindful, to connect, to be healthy and fit. I am pretty chaotic time-wise, so I like this way of thinking.

It would be good for me to spend less time with computers or other screened gadgets. I like writing blogs, sure, but I’d rather take up an additional offline activity than something for which I háve to be online (even if I don’t feel like it at that time). I mean, the ‘spiritual lessons’ are out there in the world and you don’t need the internet to find them. (In contrast, you do need the internet to write blogs about your insights and reach people through that. Oh yeah.)


I think to know some of the lessons I would learn through the program.

I realised that I actually think to know multiple of the most important lessons that I would learn through the program! These lessons include: If you want something: go get it, ask for it, create it. You can spend money and time on activities that are valuable to you and your personal growth, you even should. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is very valuable, especially if you are able to discuss your personal development processes and if you can support each other – and hold each other accountable. So you should find these people and connect with them. Practice connecting with yourself. You can trust your intuition and your judgement. You don’t have to do what others expect or want you to do. Getting out of your comfort zone, getting uncomfortable, will help you grow. You are powerful. Challenges are there to overcome, to help you grow. You are here to create a better world.

So then why not harvest these lessons now and live them?


Obviously that is too easy, but I am certain that I will get there. And that new lessons will come around. I guess the hardest part is to keep ‘working’ and that having someone or something pushing you to do so is a great advantage (of ‘such a program’). Though, having identified these lessons now from my process of consideration already helps me to live them. Win!


This is a good moment to state that I don’t mean to say that online programs like this have no value. I think they can be very valuable. I shared my experience because I think there is value in that too, not because it is the ultimate truth or the only possible experience or judgement – or because it is equally valuable as joining an online course. I am certain that I would have learnt a lot through the program, but for me now it does not feel like the best option.

Also, I wrote this post partially because I personally felt resistance at the way this online course was promoted; as if it was the uttermost best option for anyone interested in personal or spiritual growth, and if not joining would be a mistake. I understand that that is how to get costumers, but it didn’t feel true for me. There are many paths of personal development. Sure, accepting help is great, but is does not necessarily have to be in this single format. So through this post I am making the opposite noise (in Dutch: tegengeluid), I’m advocating the other side, because I felt that some nuances were missing.

However, I would love to follow a course around the theme of feminine power or female sexuality sometime! Maybe that would suit me better than a more general course, though, maybe not. I will keep my eyes open for opportunities and synchronicities.

So, how about you? Did you ever consider to join an online course like this or did you even do it?! I am curious to hear about your experiences! Also, if you found this blog post of any value, please share! I would love to have more of a sense of community around my blog and similar blogs or sources. If you do too, please join! The investment is very low here. 🙂


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