Female Empowerment Friday #02

Look who’s back?! This rubric is fun and needed. Noteworthy is that it came to me as Feminist Friday, but I figured that the word feminism scares some people off. So using that word would require a little disclaimer – which I ended up adding to Edition #01 anyway, but without the -ism. I write and speak many disclaimers, really. ‘This is what I do and this is why.’ Interesting.

So: Female Empowerment Friday for listed noteworthy infos about fully being female! ♥

Where do you get regular female empowering updates? One awesome source I know is the Thinx newsletter. Thinx provides you with period proof underwear, but their mailings are as noteworthy! They’re actually lined up on their blog page, which does not clog your inbox and is easier to browse. Head over there for mostly short and to the point (read: easy to read), generally quite informative pieces about everything related to being a women! This includes medical information about sexual organs and hormones, anticonception, thought pieces about all kinds of stuff, and many many puns. I find their posts very honest and disarming. We need more pieces like this – and places where to find them.

I have lived with many women and talked about menstruation many times and I never encountered fully syncing cycles with them. Have you? Thinx, from the period panties and newsletter that’s right, declares that this menstruation syncing up that is commonly accepted as true is a myth. I think this is important – I want to know my cycle and how it works. Very importantly, I want to add that for at least some women syncing up with the moon is true. I can certainly know because I am one of these women. I used to have my period with new moon, then it shifted to full moon when I had a copper IUD*, it shifted away to waxing/first quarter moon after the IUD came out, and just this period it shifted back to new moon! I have friends with similar experiences, so it’s not just me (it never is). So maybe you and your sisters aren’t syncing up with each other, but with the moon! (Which happens to have the same cycle to anyone. You know.)

The Heart is an amazingly well-crafted podcast about ‘love, life, bodies and feelings’. I would say it is mostly special because of its openness, in general but mostly specific about sex and related issues (involving love, life, bodies and feelings). The Heart was hosted by Kaitlin Prest, broadcast through Radiotopia and situated in Brooklyn. It is no longer in production, but you can still listen to the episodes through the Radiotopia website and the Soundcloud page. I highly recommend it since I highly enjoyed them!

Extra for Dutch peepz: Harlot is a news platform, as part of larger news platform One World, dedicated to informing about sexual freemdom in the Netherlands and elsewhere. They give a ‘multi-layered’ perspective and are a medium through which young activists can tell their story without being disrespected, which often occurs in other media. They address very important issues and indeed show perspectives that are generally often overshadowed by more common viewpoints. They also share fun but important stuff, like sex-addressing podcasts among which The Heart.

* With the copper IUD I used to have a period that started with a few days of spotting before the big wave came. My first day of blood loss wasn’t always with full moon, but my heaviest day was. It occurred that my first day of blood shifted forward in time compared to the moon cycle, but my heaviest day remained to be with full moon. Interesting right?!






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