Female Empowerment Friday

I am very passionate about female empowerment. I want all humans to be empowered, and I think that equality both contributes to that and comes as a result of it: empowerment brings equality and equality brings empowerment, ultimately. Because of the many gender-related issues I experience, I cheer of joy every time I find anything that contributes to overcoming these issues. To share the joy, today I list three amazing artists and their art pieces that surely empower women. ♥

Emerging filmmaker Helen Plumb made a wonderful short film about female body hair, in which poet Anam Cara is considering whether or not she should embrace her body hair in public. I find this topic very relevant, since I also experience this tension between my and other females’ natural hairy state and the ‘beauty ideal’ of shaved legs. I love everything about this video: Anam is so real and authentic and I experience much intimacy. Watch the short film here on The Barbican Centre and read the short interview with Helen.

Barcelona-based artist and self-called artivist Zinteta makes incredible, colourful art featuring women’s bodies, specifically portraying what is usually not shown. This art consists mostly of illustrations and body-painted women (captured in pictures). I find that her art celebrates women in all of their being and seeing it makes me really happy. Check out Zinteta’s Intragram page here.

Songwriter Marya Stark just released her newest album Lineage. Marya is not only a songwriter, but a mentor in the art of voice and archetypal embodiment. I absolutely love her beautiful voice and the lyrics she sings. I am also still not over her previous work in collaboration with Carmen Crow: the album Remembrance*. Listen to Lineage and find Marya’s other work here.

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* I wrote about the album Remembrance in an earlier blog post which is no longer online.






4 responses to “Female Empowerment Friday”

  1. getempoweredmama Avatar

    Great post. Did you ever read the headlines about Kiran Gandhi (a singer) and how she ran a marathon while on her period and freely bled everywhere!? She was raising awareness about the lack of sanitation supplies for women around the world. Your comment about body hair made me think of that. Hey. Do you. If you wanna shave, no harm, but if you don’t, DON’T! Thank you again!

    1. Nina de Haan Avatar

      Hi, thanks for your comment! Yes I heard about the action of Kiran Gandhi recently, after there was some fuzz in the media in the Netherlands about free bleeding. It’s interesting how many people are so appalled by normal body functions.
      Thanks for the support. 🙂 I consider writing a ‘diary post’ about (not) shaving my legs. I’ll try and see if it adds anything.

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