Female Power Friday #03

Evolution! From this edition onward this rubric is about female power instead of female empowerment. This (Dutch) One World article explains that the word ’empowerment’ implies that the person ‘to be empowered’ does not already have power (of their own). I am not sure to which extent the use of this word is problematic, however, I do think female power sounds more powerful than its predecessor because it is more active. So there: a change in name.

I am not fond of the news, so I only just heard that Alicia Keys stopped wearing make up over two years ago. That is amazing! The more people dare to show their natural faces, the more people will dare to join them. #nomakeup

I personally stopped wearing make up over six years ago, but of course I’m not famous. I have to say that these days I feel uncertain about whether or not the norm is to wear make up during job interviews. Therefore I consider using mascara to be less insecure about it, which occurs to me as ridiculous. Besides, I like my face better without.

Check out the artworks of visionary artist Helena Arturaleza Scholman. My partner just birthday-gifted me a print of one of her artworks, one that was painted on a festival we were together. ❤ Helena’s artworks are amazing – super inspiring on such a deep level. I cannot describe it, you have to see it for yourself. I do see in them an expression of female power, and of the greatness of humans and the universe. (She even sells Yoniverse stickers! She’s my hero.)

Recently, I got two body-positive clothing and accessory items at Monki that make me happy and that I’d like to share. Check out the amazing Body rights tote bag and Periods are cool briefs! They’re from the campaigns Monki × RFSU and Monki × Lunette × The Cup. I love ’em! And I like that Monki is promoting body positivity in some way. The slogan that goes with Body rights is: You have the right to own your body.

Monki scores a C on sustainability according to Rank a Brand. The items I got are made from organic cotton, which makes them better than the Monki average. Addition (July 2021): check out here on Good On You how ethical Monki really is (‘It’s a start’), and go to my own later article about clothing to learn more about why the clothing industry is a feminist issue.

Speaking of which, I recently found this period-positive tee in a dressing room. It reads ‘menstrual cycle’ in Dutch! The owner was not present – she was bouldering – so I stole this picture. I love how it’s very neatly done and in pink.


Do you show off female power or period positivism through your clothing or tote bags?





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