Happy Cinnamon Roll!

So I will not wish you a happy Easter, but a happy cinnamon roll! For today, with the Easter brunch tradition in mind, I made these smiley bunch. I didn’t even do it on purpose, they just really wanted to smile. Maybe because I was struggling so hard with the time-management thing again. You need to let them sit for two times an hour, and then you also need to do other things… – You can see the happy faces, right? 🙂

If for the Easter occasion you prefer baking something egg-ish but not really, you can go for these no-egg cakes! They’re pretty cool too.

I used the cinnamon roll recipe from Vegan Challenge, in Dutch.






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    1. Nina de Haan Avatar

      Yeah. 🙂 I also topped them with the confectioners’ sugar icing, but I liked this picture slightly better! It was a tough call, though. Happy Easter!

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