Mulching on a Dream: harvest July ’17

For some time I’ve been meaning to show you our garden, but it’s rather messy (permaculture-ish) which makes that it takes some effort and skills to take good pictures. So I did not do that yet. Today, however, we had such a great-looking harvest that I wanted to show you!

The garden is managed by three people and we started this year only. It’s an allotment garden in the city where we live. The garden is a really lively place with all the plants and (mainly) insects.

So this was today. (See picture above.)

The pumpkins should grow orange, but since the plants are producing so many big ones already and we’re going on holidays next week (we’ll disappear on The Day Out Of Time!), we figured we may better already take some, so the plant can use its energy to further develop smaller ones.

The yellow UFO-like veggies are the newest addition to my long long inner ‘favourite veggies’ list: they’re called patisson. The plant is of the same species as your ‘regular’ pumpkins and courgettes: the species Cucurbita pepo. I mostly just like their looks, including shape and colour, and the structure. The taste is not enormously special, but it’s nice. Plus, it’s super awesome how one plant can produce dozens of fruits, and how it looks how all these cute yellow things are sitting and growing on the plant. If you ever have a chance to see such a plant: do it!

Generally it is super nice to see how plants, including fruits and veggies, grow. It’s so amazing how plants know exactly what to do and how they turn nutrients, water and sunlight into these lovely structures. I’m happy we can experience this in the garden. Of course, you can experience this in other natural areas or gardens too.

Enjoy your time!

PS Mulching on a Dream is the new name of my garden posts. It’s funny, right? I love it.





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