Mung Bean Soup with Roasted Kale

Mung Bean Soup with Roasted Kale

I was inspired to make a mung bean soup by this recipe for Healing Mung Bean Soup of Plants and Balance. How could I not? The recipe title really makes you feel as if you’re doing something right. The mung beans had been present for some time; earlier I had only used part of the pack for sprouting. But now I learnt you can soup them too!

So I didn’t follow Trish’ recipe out of fear of not meeting my housemates’ strict vegetable intake preferences. I’m partly joking, but I’m mostly serious here. However, in the end the mung beans grew so much that the balance might have been a bit off after all! Difficult things. Dried mung beans don’t need to be soaked before usage. I used the onion, garlic, courgette as suggested and added carrot as well as an awesome topping of kale crisps!

Have you tried roasting kale? Kale gets such a funny crispy structure, you have to try! The procedure is to dry the kale if you find a way to do so, to massage the oil into the kale, put the oven on a medium heat of about 300°F/150°C and roast the kale for 17 to 20 minutes. If your oven has the special roast mode, you can use that too (in the end). Also, add salt and pepper and anything you like. I like the combination of kale with sesame seeds/gomasio.

You can tell I am not fully concentrated on my studies right now by the relatively high frequency of posting. And the recent layout change, still. Also: I added a food picture gallery! Featuring pictures previously posted on my blog as well as newly released material, like a picture of my Easter brunch! To make everyone cook vegan food! It’s work in progress, hopefully.

The last sentence is supposed to be a pun, do you get it? It surprises me how many jokes I can make in English, though, I’m not sure whether they’re all perceived as such – whether they’re actually nice or just super lame. But I like it so I’ll just keep doing it!

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