My Dream

The world can be completely overwhelming. There are so many things going on. My mind gets blurry trying to deepen this thought. What kind of things are happening at this very moment? All kinds, most likely. The world is a big guy – or gal, or what you prefer. There’s happy things, there’s sad things. Many confusing things. Right now, how many people do you think are having an orgasm? That’s interesting things. (And that’s a reference to your favorite movie Amélie. I wouldn’t want your very first thought on me be that I might be a pervert.)

Something that happened a few hours ago, to give another example, is that I suddenly got a vision. I had been planning on starting this page, but I didn’t know how to name it. Because what exactly am I going to do here? It’s hard to name something unknown. But today, while cycling home, it suddenly came to me and a few hours later Munching on a Dream was being born. Now it has opened its eyes and is staring into the universe, right back at you. You are enjoying its existence already.

My idea for this blog is as follows. For a long time I have had the feeling that my life purpose would be something like to change the world, but it always felt too hard to do. I believe as a child I answered the frequently asked question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ with the single-worded ‘happy’. Later I changed all my answers into the more cautious ‘I don’t know’, for the world has been too complex for me to grasp. Lately I have come to see that I do want to be happy and even more than that: I want all creatures living in this world to be as happy as possible. Contributing in realizing exactly that should be my life purpose. To change the world.

It surely isn’t an easy thing to do and I can’t do it on my own. Luckily, I’m not alone at all. Many great people are doing great things at this very moment. I’ve seen it all around me. I hope that through writing this blog, one of my great things will be spreading these ideas and love and happiness, among with some practical information and inspiration on how to contribute to the world and to enjoy your vegan food.

Together we can do this thing. Let’s go for it.







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