On my path & the kundalini yoga chapter

After my latest burst of inspiration for my blog in November, I have again found other inspirations elsewhere. I drifted away, again. I came back now because I keep having this need to justify and explain my writing behaviour and patterns. This comes forth of my need to live my soul purpose and to justify to myself why I am not fully doing that yet.

These months I am doing a lot of inner work. The purpose is to get clear on my purpose and my very next moves, and to transform some inner blockages. I am full of dreams, but being practical about it, is not one of my strengths yet.

Part of my difficulties seems to stem from the fact that my main interests are hard to put in boxes. I cannot even put it in words yet. I am interested in sustainability on a systems level: I love the interactions. I love to see, on the broader scale, what goes wrong and what goes well. I love to relate our personal experiences to universal ones. I love to see how we as individuals impact the world around us. I love to see that we are not just an individual. Instead, we are more like a network of human beings influencing each other and everything around us. All these influences start within ourselves.

I see many ways for me to go about it, many angles to focus on. In order to pick one or several, I need to have a clearer vision of where we as humanity are headed and of my role therein. That’s some work in progress.

One thing I have found is the courage to enrol in the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training L1! I am very excited about this. I am sure it will bring me a lot. ❤

Another thing that keeps coming up is that I do truly love writing and communicating in other forms. So this blog, whatever it is, will not suddenly end. It will be transformed, but it will not vanish. 🙂

If you wish to share how you are contributing to the world in your unique way, or what themes are currently important in your life, or something else, please do. I’d love to connect with you.

With love,

PS: The drawing was a self-portrait of me of a few months ago as I was embarking on a journey for self-knowledge. The words are in Dutch. I currently do not have a personal computer so you’ll have to do with non-edited quickly photographed drawings. ^_^






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