Post Secret community art project

This post is about a really cool community art project: Post Secret, for which people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

The invitation:


This results in enormously impressive honesty on insecurities and vulnerability. It gives insight in so many different forms of conflict and trouble in human nature, in relationships, in society, etc. I find it really interesting to get to read the secrets different people harbour. It is so real, so recognizable. We all have secrets, be it small or bigger ones. We have troubles coping with our feelings. We are so similar.

I really appreciate the openness of the senders. Them remaining anonymous makes it a golden concept, for it gives the opportunity to share without having to fear getting caught. I also believe it can be healing to create the postcard of your secret. It can be part of processing the difficulties. The sending and sharing can help accepting, letting go and feeling connected to others.

It’s really cool how Post Secret makes use of both the physical post cards and postal service in combination with the advantage of anonymity of the internet.

For the ones who don’t like the internet: Post Secret has also created some books, which are collections of post cards that have been sent in. Like this one:


I tried to select some post carts to put in this post as examples, but actually I’d rather not select for you. So you just have to go to the website yourself to see what’s there. Do it!

There’s only one I would like to share now. It’s this one that has been posted June 27:


It came with the caption: Found this in the library’s copy of A Lifetime of Secrets. I was shocked, because it’s my secret too.’

It isn’t mine, but I do sense some recognition! Do you?






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