Reclaim your brain using funny tape


This awesome activity can be performed at home and you only need tape to do it: cover up all unwanted brand logos and names in your house! This allows you to experience more peace and joy in your home.

Have you ever deliberately focused on all visible brand logos in your kitchen or bathroom? If you do so, you will likely find that there are plenty. Normally, they’re not too catchy or disturbing so you may not notice them consciously, however, they may distract you unconsciously! For example, every time you use the fridge, your brain may register the fridge’s brand name. And not only the fridge’s, but the brand names of all kitchen equipments! And what about the sink, toilet and shower? That poor brain of yours, wasting energy on registering stuff you don’t even want!

The solution? Get rid of those silly advertisements in your house! Actually removing them may be impossible or cause damage. So the preferred option is to cover the brand names with tape! As stated, doing so is a very fun activity. Besides, I find it to be very nourishing too. It’s lovely to see how the brand logos gradually disappear from your sight and how this actually allows for more tranquillity.

We used tape with flowers, cats and sheep, but you can choose! Using funny, colourful tapes like we did may bring more chaos to your home, but I personally do not perceive it as such. Seeing the tapes makes me happy and I like it! It even makes me feel like a rebel, more than plain tapes would. (And I could use a bit more rebel at times!) Nevertheless, I assume that many others would find these tapes disturbing, so please do what suits you best. Note that non see-through tape is best for this purpose.

Also funny: you may get surprised by the process of ‘discovering’ and then covering logos taking several weeks – these bastards can be very subtle and well-hidden!

That said, I hope that through reading this article you became enthusiastic about ‘the practice’. Another option is that you became hyper-aware of the promotion in your house and you will not be able to un-see the previously unseen logos, and soon the logos will drive you mad. I am sorry if I contributed to ruining your peace of mind. However, remember that consciousness is needed to transcend! So, reclaim your power and fight the companies that use your house and brain as their billboards, cover ’em up! And don’t forget to enjoy!







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