Return to the blogosphere

I hereby announce that I am returning to the blogosphere. My ship Munching on a Dream has been parked for some time, while I was flying with a yoga website and on social media. Those other experiences were just not the same, and I miss this piece of online personal space, of peace and quiet.

So I once again set the intention of being here every once in a while! I will make no promises on any consisency, though. Many factors are involved as to why I am not consistent in things as writing on this blog. Oh so many. But that’s for another blog post. 😉

My ongoing intentions for this blog include:

❤ Being radically honest
❤ To create a safe space for myself and others without judgement and distractions
❤ To give words to my observations of the world around me and the one within
❤ To have a space where I can explore my thoughts and words, practice writing, create
❤ Ultimately to contribute to a better world

As stated, many factors influence me so I cannot promise any consistency.

However, I will always circle back here. I promise.








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