Returning home

Hello all,

I just crawled out of bed in the night with hunger and some nice clear thoughts. 🙂

Recent times have been so interesting. I have been stuck in some senses, while at the same time I have experienced a lot. My life has been simple in ways, which allowed me to clear my vision. I am in a place where it is easy to tell what is what, what is whose, where does it come from.

Certain streams of events are challenging me in new ways. Or I am seeing the challenges differently now.

Concerning challenges, I believe that they will come to you in the right way or moment. Some events can be wholly overwhelming and you may feel not ready to face it all, but that is okay. The lessons can and will come later, when you have more space to process them.

After all, we cannot do all at once. Life comes to us in little steps. We cannot foresee the whole process or the course of our lives from where we are now, and that’s okay. If we could, it would be too much information at once, right? I’d certainly go mad.

What we can do now is to live by the moment and take it as it comes. To see, feel, listen. To experience. To respond to how life presents itself. To watch it unfold.

I seem to have, partly but not never completely for this is impossible, cut myself off from my inner knowing, my intuition. Getting reconnected is what I am doing these months, years. As an important side-track to my ‘main occupation’ studying that is.

I sense that my soul is calling me. I feel like I am on the verge of a great transformation. Like I am getting closer to the point where I am ready to let go of what does not serve me, and to re-embrace what I have cut off and abandoned in the past.

I am still learning to take up more space, and now my body and soul are encouraging me to follow through. I feel this urge to scream, sing, move, dance, run. I feel trapped in my habit patterns and I know that it’s time to transform. It’s time to listen to my inner knowing and express myself fully. This will set me free.

“It is a profound feature of the wild psyche that if we do not come on our own, if we aren’t paying attention to our own seasons and the time for return, the Old One will come for us, calling and calling until something in us responds.”Clarissa Pinkola Estés, p. 299 in Women Who Run With the Wolves

Until next time.

With love,

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