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  • The Goddess at Boom Festival 2018

    The Goddess at Boom Festival 2018

    Boom Festival 2018 was absolutely beautiful. It took place back in the summer, and I have been wanting to share one glorious thing. You’re already seeing her: this gigantic and beautiful artwork of the Goddess. She was situated right next to the main stage. She’s made out of wood, and her heart is filled with…

  • Female Power Friday #03

    Evolution! From this edition onward this rubric is about female power instead of female empowerment. This (Dutch) One World article explains that the word ’empowerment’ implies that the person ‘to be empowered’ does not already have power (of their own). I am not sure to which extent the use of this word is problematic, however,…

  • The Yoniverse

    The Yoniverse

    The yoni is everywhere! This image is a picture of a tree, a wooden door. I totally love it. I see that it resembles female sexuality and spirituality beautifully.

  • Post Secret community art project

    Post Secret community art project

    This post is about a really cool community art project: Post Secret, for which people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. The invitation: This results in enormously impressive honesty on insecurities and vulnerability. It gives insight in so many different forms of conflict and trouble in human nature, in relationships,…