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  • Female Empowerment Friday #02

    Look who’s back?! This rubric is fun and needed. Noteworthy is that it came to me as Feminist Friday, but I figured that the word feminism scares some people off. So using that word would require a little disclaimer – which I ended up adding to Edition #01 anyway, but without the -ism. I write and…

  • Happy clitori!

    Happy clitori!

    My boyfriend and me made these little happy clitori to hand out on Boom Festival! 😀

  • Female Empowerment Friday

    I am very passionate about female empowerment. I want all humans to be empowered, and I think that equality both contributes to that and comes as a result of it: empowerment brings equality and equality brings empowerment, ultimately. Because of the many gender-related issues I experience, I cheer of joy every time I find anything…