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  • An honest review of 5+ years of bleeding in reusable products

    An honest review of 5+ years of bleeding in reusable products

    I am so happy to see that reusable menstrual products are increasingly being celebrated! More and more good-hearted companies produce and sell menstruation cups, reusable period pads and period panties. I personally have been using these for many years. As I have noticed that reviews often come too soon, here I share my experiences from…

  • Female Power Friday #03

    Evolution! From this edition onward this rubric is about female power instead of female empowerment. This (Dutch) One World article explains that the word ’empowerment’ implies that the person ‘to be empowered’ does not already have power (of their own). I am not sure to which extent the use of this word is problematic, however,…

  • Beautiful period panties

    Beautiful period panties

    The idea of period-proof panties already intrigued me: they’re literally panties that can hold menstrual blood without all the possible negative effects. But now these panties in the new and first colour scarlet make me go wild! Period panties are a product of THINX. And they are revolutionary! Okay, until now I used mine only…

  • No Boil egg

    No Boil egg

    Thai people boil chicken eggs in hot springs. I don’t boil no egg, but would you please allow me to boil my mooncup? Mooncup?

  • The Life-changing Menstrual Cup

    Are you a woman regularly experiencing all the troubles that come with having your menstruation period? And have you then already been introduced to the menstrual cup? If your answered ‘yes’ followed by a ‘no’: I’ll hook you up! I promise your life will never be the same again after letting the menstrual cup in.…