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Mineral salt as a deodorant

Sweating is a completely natural process, but why-oh-why does it have to be so wet and stinky in some areas? Well, there’s many sweat glands over there! For some reason or another. Anyways, I do know that the widely advertised chemical perfumed deodorants don’t appeal to me, for multiple reasons. The most important being that I definitely want one that hasn’t been tested on animals and it turned out years ago* that most of them don’t meet that criterium. So I went on trying all the cruelty free and affordable deodorants I could find, finding that most of them only worked for a short period of time, a few weeks or months, after which the skin of my armpits ‘got used to it’ and got sweaty again. Bummer.

Mineral salt deodorants

Then I found out about deodorants made out of some mineral salt, by reading this article of Dutch beauty blogger Mascha on her website Beautygloss (actually no, she’s Russian). She writes that she started using a mineral salt deodorant of the brand Crystal Spring, because of the horror stories on the effects of Aluminium Chlorohydrate. This type of Alluminium is often being used in anti-transparants, as it blocks the pores as to stop perspiration. The mineral salt deodorants don’t contain this creepy thing.

In the store I found a mineral salt deodorant of the brand Crystal Body Deodorant (CBD). They explain on their website: ‘Crystal Body Deodorant products are made from simple mineral salts that form an invisible layer of natural deodorant protection on the skin. While most deodorants mask odor with heavy scents or fragrances, the natural deodorant alternative of Crystal deodorants prevent body odor at its source by creating an unfriendly environment for bacteria.’ The mineral salt they’re using is Potassium Alum, which is of course an absolutely amazing mineral.

Well, I don’t know so much about all of that, but it sounds good to me! Plus, PETA reports that Crystal Body Deodorant is cruelty free, so does not test on animals, and vegan. So I got myself a nicely shaped crystal rock and started using it.

The CBS stick looks like this.


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