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  • My spiritual background

    My spiritual background

    It’s time for me to write something about my spiritual background!┬áIn the last few years I have learnt a lot and I have come to feel more secure about talking and writing about the theme of spirituality or consciousness. Also, recently I promoted my blog a little more and a friend even interviewed me about…

  • Space invader #2: to speak your truth

    Space invader #2: to speak your truth

    Some time ago I described myself as ‘harmony-seeking quiet observer learning to speak loud and clear when needed’, which you may have read below my blog posts. It’s funny how accurate that description is. Earlier I already wrote that I was practicing to take up space. Now I am practicing to speak my truth more…

  • Not a food blog

    Not a food blog

    Today I want to reach out to those who came here because they thought Munching on a Dream was a food blog. It is really more than that! I like food and I have posted many food related posts. Nevertheless, I do not consider this blog as a food blog! Since the beginning, which is…

  • The Yoniverse

    The Yoniverse

    The yoni is everywhere! This image is a picture of a tree, a wooden door. I totally love it. I see that it resembles female sexuality and spirituality beautifully.

  • The Feminine uncovered

    Something really powerful is happening: women all over the world are empowering themselves and others through reconnecting with the feminine. It appears that for way too long we have been living in societies dominated by the masculine. Masculinity is generally regarded as more powerful than femininity and its power has brought us to where we…

  • Space invader #1: the first insights

    Space invader #1: the first insights

    Until recently I had never considered ‘taking up space’ as a thing. Since I do, I have started to see it in everything. I have found it to be an incredibly useful concept in my personal development! Here I will share my story, including the first new insights and developments. Throughout my youth I seem…

  • Spirituality meets polyamory, and they fall in love

    Spirituality meets polyamory, and they fall in love

    My previous writings about polyamory resulted in me getting quite some comments and questions from friends along the lines of ‘this is all nice and good, but aren’t you just perfectly monogamous?’ Well, I may as well am, but this depends on how you see. My first post about the topic was intended to grow…

  • Clothing reconsidered

    Clothing reconsidered

    In my post Love your Body I introduced the topic of body positivity. I wrote something about how I think getting used to being naked or else in simple clothing will be good for your body image and self-love. I then did not specify simple clothing which makes it a very vague statement, but I…