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  • Easy vegan cherry ‘cheesecake’ recipe (nut-free!)

    Easy vegan cherry ‘cheesecake’ recipe (nut-free!)

    Even though this isn’t a food blog, occasionally I do get so enthusiastic about ‘something food’ that I want to share it. This time it’s a vegan (no-)cheesecake recipe that I made up myself! Of course, I didn’t invent cheesecakes or vegan varieties thereof, but I did spot the possibility of creating a vegan one…

  • 5 festive & easy vegan treats for your Easter brunch

    5 festive & easy vegan treats for your Easter brunch

    Sometimes you just want something festive and tasty to share with your loved ones or with your lovely self. Well, certainly Easter can be such an occasion with its traditional Easter brunch! Even if it’s just because Spring has started and you have a holiday on which you get to do what you want, like…

  • No Egg Cakes

    No Egg Cakes

    Egg cakes or ‘eierkoeken’ are typical Dutch treats. They look and taste more or less like these pretty babies here. But these ones don’t contain egg! How does that work? Well, they contain black salt or kala namak, which gives it the egg-like taste! How cool? It appears to have a high sulphur content, which…