The Goddess at Boom Festival 2018

Boom Festival 2018 was absolutely beautiful. It took place back in the summer, and I have been wanting to share one glorious thing. You’re already seeing her: this gigantic and beautiful artwork of the Goddess. She was situated right next to the main stage. She’s made out of wood, and her heart is filled with nature. And how impressive she already looks like this; in she evening she would transform to an even more magnificent work of art through exquisite light projections, highlighting all different details of her, and changing rapidly so to form this living breathtaking presence.

I am gigantically impressed by Boom Festival, by the beautiful location which is prepared with so much care, with artworks situated basically everywhere. The transformation between day and night was very impressive too. I really hope to go back there again, potentially in the summer of 2020.

The picture is taken from the official Boom Festival 2018 art gallery, and specifically from the work of esWEB. You can check out the gallery to see more of Boom Festival 2018, the Goddess, and also the other editions. There are also plenty of videos online and many of them also show the Goddess at night in action. 🙂 There’s also a Boom Festival movie about how the festival developed over time, but it does not feature the 2018 edition.

PS There was also a large yoni artwork on the ground, made out of sand or something similar. Aww.







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