• Happy clitori!

    Happy clitori!

    My boyfriend and me made these little happy clitori to hand out on Boom Festival! 😀

  • Around the World ~artwork~

    Around the World ~artwork~

    This will break the silence: a donut-shaped Earth painted on a tea table by my boyfriend and me! We do believe in a ball-shaped Earth. However there is some sense in the image, since we humans tend to look up from the Earth to the sky and its celestial bodies. It’s an interesting perspective at…

  • The Yoniverse

    The Yoniverse

    The yoni is everywhere! This image is a picture of a tree, a wooden door. I totally love it. I see that it resembles female sexuality and spirituality beautifully.

  • No Boil egg

    No Boil egg

    Thai people boil chicken eggs in hot springs. I don’t boil no egg, but would you please allow me to boil my mooncup? Mooncup?

  • Happy Cinnamon Roll!

    Happy Cinnamon Roll!

    So I will not wish you a happy Easter, but a happy cinnamon roll! For today, with the Easter brunch tradition in mind, I made these smiley bunch. I didn’t even do it on purpose, they just really wanted to smile. Maybe because I was struggling so hard with the time-management thing again. You need…

  • Befriend your Body

    Befriend your Body

    This is important. In the middle of the destructive messages ingrained in our (Western) cultures we need to be true to ourselves and learn how to love. 🙂 I found this image without a source. Earlier I wrote about body positivity here.