Walking the Talk of Vulnerability: exposing the personal blog

From the start of my already long-stretched blogging career I’ve been facing the same dilemma: to tell or not to tell my family and friends about it. You’d think writers want to be read, but there is a case for anonymity and sharing only with those close friends you know to appreciate your style, your online friends and those few other bloggers from across the ocean and wherever.

With my current blog I have come to the point where I want to cover important topics, for others to read it and get involved. This is now my primary reason to write. Following from this, you’d expect me to widely promote my blog. I don’t. I am afraid of rejection.

Being open about our insecurities and fears will bring us closer together.

One of my favourite themes is Vulnerability and how we can use it to change the world for the better. It goes like this: We are incredibly similar in that we all have insecurities and fears and this is what can bring us closer together. Our insecurities and fears come in many forms, but there is always a core of the fear of being rejected. Rejection is a horrible thing and we should stop being so hard on ourselves and others, we should judge less and be more compassionate. I believe being open about our insecurities and fears can contribute a whole lot to making our world a nicer place. That way we can learn how connected we are to each other. There will be more peace and harmony.

So I preach the importance of sharing your feelings of vulnerability. I am trying to apply this in daily life, but it is truly an art and it takes a lot of practice. I regularly feel like a hypocrite, with the worst thing being not openly sharing my blog. It feels like sabotaging myself, my good intentions and work.

Welcome to Munching on a Dream

Here we are. The blog Munching on a Dream is entering a new era, an era of renewed openness. From the start in autumn 2014 I meant the blog to be interactive and now it’s time to invite everyone to join the discussions. Welcome! 🙂

Some things about me and my blog: I don’t write often, but I do take it seriously. I just adopted the current layout, so there have been some changes and I am still trying to make it nicer. There will be a nice header at some point and stuff. I do really like minimalism by the way, this is not just me being uncreative and having poor taste. Well, maybe it is! Anyhow, this blog is a living thing and I hope you appreciate it as such.

I don’t tell you what to think, but I suggest what to think about.

To make it even more lively: I highly appreciate comments! Like most bloggers. I am not trying to tell you what to think, but to suggest things to think about. I like to see this space as a place for ideas and interaction, so please do let hear from you! Also, you are most welcome to come with suggestions of any kind. Things to look up, read into, write about… I am open to collaborations as well. You can comment on a post or use the contact form. Yes, I take it very seriously! (While I’m at it: collaborations with illustrators would be great. To make the oh-so-serious blog more fun-ish.)

For me it is nice to see how my initial idea for this blog hasn’t changed so much! You can find my first, introductory post here. I also have an About page and such, which will be updated soon because of the new layout and so.

My blog sharing insecurities

Now I will give you an impression of the insecurities I faced regarding sharing my blog. Just for good old fun, you know? I hope you like it.

I am afraid that:

  • people will think I am a hypocrite for pretending to be balanced, while in reality I can come across as and be pretty stressed out
  • people will think I am writing nonsense or irrelevant stuff
  • people dislike my pictures (or their size – I’m still undecided about this, this was also different in my previous layout and part of the reason I changed)
  • people think I eat shitty food
  • people will blame me for being behind concerning (vegan) food trends (which I am, I totally admit it)
  • people will think I’m weird
  • people will think I am acting ‘all important’ and will see me as arrogant
  • people will use the insecurities I write about against me, however that may be possible
  • the mentioned things will make people see and approach me differently than they do now
  • the mentioned things will make people talk bad (worse?) about me behind my back instead of telling me what they think of me
  • the mentioned fears will make me super anxious about posting here
  • the mentioned fears will prevent me from writing my truth
  • the mentioned fears will prevent me to enjoy writing my blog at all

This may be about it. It is an interesting train of fears, don’t you think? And actually, I bet most of you can recognize these kind of fears, no? Maybe not concerning writing a weblog, but concerning many other things, possibly.

I am now confident that sharing my blog is a good idea. I hope it will benefit my readers, my blog and me. If you have comments on or questions about the mentioned insecurities or whatever, feel free to write a comment. Though, you don’t have to resecure me about the bullet points I just wrote, for I won’t believe you, anyway. – I’m joking! But seriously, I am totally fine and I hope you are too. Writing this blog post did help me, by the way! As expected.

Learn more

To learn more about insecurities and how to deal with them: go to my page of the insecurities tag. There is now seven posts in there and I absolutely love them. (I may start doing the arrogancy thing here…) I also like the to write about the topic of body image, as you can see in the body image tag page. There’s a lot of overlap in those two pages, but still I like the second one too. Further, if you want to learn about how vulnerability can help heal the divisions in the world, I recommend you to watch my friend Tom Davison explain it here.

My most recent post is about relationships and this post finally dragged me over the edge of sharing my weblog with all my friends. Go read it! You find it here: The many ways of Love – and how to do it. It actually is about insecurities as well, ha!

Now you are free to go to the comment section or wherever you want to go. Enjoy! Thank you for visiting my blog. My blog and me appreciate it. 🙂

I’ll write to you soon!


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2 thoughts on “Walking the Talk of Vulnerability: exposing the personal blog

  1. I really like your story. You have a lot of fears, I see, but you are very open about it. This makes it wonderful to read. I think it will help you as well, as a kind of therapy. Not in a bad way, in a funny, open, hey-look-at-this-I-share-my-opinion-and-hope-to-be-not-afraid-about-it kind of way. Don’t be scared, keep sharing! It are always the people that stand out from the crowd that have to defend and explain their opinions. But those are brave people 🙂
    Actually I am thinking about keeping a blog myself for years now, but never made the time or have the energy to start. Maybe I will now, thank you!

  2. Hi Marloes!
    Thank you for your comment. 🙂
    The ‘fears’ I mentioned here aren’t necessarily huge fears that live in my head, but more like fearful/insecure thoughts. Putting them here was meant as an illustration, not to show how incredibly fearful I am. Which is also the point: it’s extraordinary to be open about this, while we all have those kind of thoughts every now and then. And actually, many of those fears or whatever you call them come down to the same things, to the fears related to the negative beliefs of not being good enough, being weak, being worthless, being unworthy of love, etc. We all have such negative beliefs and are afraid others find out they’re true, while they aren’t 🙂 (but we kind of belief so ourselves).

    Your conclusion ‘you have a lot of fears’ made me feel uncomfortable, so that’s why I wrote this addition. 😛 I’ll probably go into it another time in a blog post. If you’re interested, I can recommend you to read books of Eckhart Tolle and Jan Geurtz haha.
    But thank you for your support! If you start a blog or something, let me know! I’d like to read it.

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