World change starts here

My time in Thailand was great. It was the first time I got out of Europe and into the tropics. I went there to reunite with my boyfriend, who’d been out in Asia for some time already. We travelled together for a month after which I settled in Bangkok for three weeks to work on a project related to sustainable food production.

Thailand is very different from what I’m used to in the Netherlands. Being there was a really valuable experience, to be able to explore the Thai culture. I think I learnt a lot, but it’s always hard to pinpoint such things, because change often occurs gradually.

It became clearer to me that in the end many things aren’t really important. Thai people generally have different lifestyles and standards than Dutch people, but does it matter? Only if we think it does. Things are only as important as we make them to be, which makes importance a matter of choice – and practice.

Most important to all of us, eventually, are matters of basic human needs including good health and ability to love, stretching out to human rights, equity and our environment. I choose to add animal rights to the list. I think we should strengthen our love to not only reach those people close to us but to also include people far away and other living beings.

There is no perfect way to live one’s life. My attempt to find the most utilitarian formula for how to spend my resources of time and energy for a better world led to no answer. There are many different ways in which we can contribute and there is no way to measure the total impact and this is fine.

What we can do is to start simply with ourselves. Take care of yourself first before helping others. Do what works for you and which doesn’t harm others. You don’t have to change everything at once, but each constructive act and each hint of positive energy can create positive change. The smallest things can spark a butterfly effect to take place which can eventually change the world.

I believe that one of the best things to do is to just be a nice and good human being in the presence of the people around you. Positive energy and good deeds will inspire the people who come in contact with it. This may not directly give big results, but I think it can lead to the most durable change there is.

So, be the good person you are and do what you think is important. Be open to people with their different backgrounds, cultures and ideas. This is one way of changing the world.

Thanks for reading! There is more to follow and questions can always be asked. 🙂





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