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Earlier I hinted at the 13 Moon Calendar, writing that a new year was starting and that I didn’t really know what that was all about. I’m guessing most of you haven’t checked it out, or have you? Well, I certainly have! And I will happily share my findings until now.

As usual, I will stick to the things that I personally experienced and leave many factual details out. The latter you can find elsewhere on the web or in books.

“Learn the secret of having time.”

The basics: The 13 Moon Calendar represents natural time. Every day has a solar seal and a tone, which have to do with the energy of respectively the sun and the moon. There are 20 solar seals and 13 tones. So in total there are 260 possible combinations or kins. Each of these 260 days has a different energy, which influences us people! We can learn to use these different energies to our benefit.

The 20 solar seals. Source:

Solar seals all represent certain qualities, lessons or skills. Tones represent the 13 steps of a process, from defining purpose to resting at the end of it. So there is a lot of wisdom in this calendar!

One really cool feature is the ‘horoscope’ or ‘Galactic Signature’, which is based on your date of birth – and the associated kin number. In my case this is solar seal White Wind and tone 13 Crystal. And people can be sceptical all they want, but I feel it! The descriptions of this seal and tone are very right for me.

In the booklet that I have, 13-moon short guide by Nicole E. Zonderhuis and Sylvia Carrilho, is written that these ‘horoscopes’ can give you a lot of insight in your own personality, your skills and challenges and such, and also into your relationships. And YES, I do recognize my personality, skills and challenges from the descriptions! It helped me become more comfortable with who I am, really. In the book is also written: ‘You are a gift to life itself.’ Everyone has their own valuable qualities. We all have our own skills and wisdom to add the world. That’s wonderful! We don’t have to be everything ourselves, we can be everything together! And learn from each other, support each other.

The solar seals are also related to each other in different ways: so that other seals ‘represent’ your challenges (antipode), your shadow side (occult) and your soul mate (analog) and guide (guide). Additionally, everyone has a wavespell of destiny which starts with a particular solar seal and has a certain ‘development process’, which takes place throughout your life. Probably, the lessons of this solar seal play an important role in your life. So, in addition to tracking your own seal and tone, you can learn what you are learning in this life! Getting more insight in what the themes of you life are sure helps a lot.

I have found much truth in the horoscope, for myself, the people around me and our relationships. The energies or teachings of the solar seals all have truth and value, but some are more present or important for a person than others. For me the horoscope, including the ‘related seals’, seems very true. They represent themes that are of importance in my life. I am still figuring out my path, and the horoscope helps me to do so.

Your finding may also be that the horoscope does not fit your personality. Especially sceptical people may expect that. Well, even then you can find a lot of valuable lessons in the calendar! A valuable lesson for me is in my wavespell of destiny: Blue Monkey, which teaches us to be playful. Indeed, I tend to get very serious, while I may as well be playful and have a good time. This is a good lesson for me and many others! For you maybe?

Also, I found myself surrounded by people with White solar seals! I think this is pretty funny and not a coincidence. I do like to be with like-minded people and now it seems that according to the 13 Moon Calendar some people are more like-minded than others, and that some combinations of people work better than others.

Thus, it is super interesting and nice to play with! I don’t fully grasp how to use the calendar on a day-to-day basis, but that is fine. I did start tracking the moon cycle, which is pretty nice – and part of the 13 Moon Calendar, of course.

Wanna play? Go here to find your Galactic Signature!

And let me know what your signature is! Especially if you are a White (Crystal) Wizard, for then you are my guide. Or if I know you in person, so that I can judge you for it. 😉






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  2. Britt Avatar

    So cool! I actually first heard about this only recently, as a yoga friend of mine has offered to write out my chart for me. Apparently, I’m a Red Moon in Tone 7! I don’t know what that means exactly, but I’m inspired to dive more into it now 🙂

    1. Nina de Haan Avatar

      Wow this suddenly pops up twice in the same day! I already shifted away from using it, but I think I should look at it again too. 🙂 My description is super accurate. I don’t know much about yours.
      If we meet I can bring the two books I have about it so you can read the summaries of Red Moon and Tone 7 if you like. 🙂

  3. […] case you are, like me, interested in horoscope kinda things, I will list some of my types: My galactic signature in the 13 Moon Calendar is White Crystal Wind (accurate). My Human Design is Projector 2/4 (accurate too). My zodiac sign […]

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